Upscale Beachfront Condo Hotel w/ 82 Units

Mazatlan, Mexico
2012 - 2016

Hired as hotel asset management company.

Provided our professional insights on the best possible hospitality application for the property to maximize revenues and encourage luxury brand involvement. Conducted Brand and management-franchising company selection process to maximize commercial opportunities for the condo suite resort. Created pro-forma capital and operating budget. Developed marketing brochure to attract perspective condo unit buyers. Worked with owners and architects to design hotel including guest rooms, spa, and food and beverage facilities to be in line with brand. Implemented the actions and initiated strategic partnership agreements with top luxury hotel companies desiring to grow to new markets, such as Mazatlan. Negotiated and finalized brand contract and hotel management contracts on behalf of ownership. Secured commitments from luxury Hotel Company for Branding condo-hotel in Mazatlan.

Monitored performance of contracted luxury Hotel Company. Provided insight into ordering of FFE and Equipment on behalf of owners. Analyze reports delivered by branding and management companies and present opinions to ownership. Bi-annual audits of the Branding company actions in written report delivered to client. Negotiated and finalize contracts with vendors. Approved hiring of all key executives by Management Company.