Our Services


We provide a broad umbrella of services from Strategy to Execution.

01 Revenue Management

Hospitality Advance International (HAI) provides Revenue, Distribution and Channel Management services to independent, boutique hotel, resort, and luxury vacation-rental clients as part of our core services.

HAI works with hotel owners and their teams to develop and implement revenue-management strategies for both short-and long-term impact, measured through the hotel’s leading position within an agreed-upon Competitive Set.
HAI serves as an enhancement to the management of your property’s overall room sales, providing support and performing revenue-management tasks.

02 Sales & Marketing

HAI's partners and staff have extensive experience in sales management and marketing of hotels.

Our experience enables us to evaluate sales operations and corresponding marketing programs, as well as make recommendations for strategic actions to achieve sales goals and optimize revenues. We develop customized programs after performing an audit of your sales actions, marketing plans and business plans.
In order to provide sound recommendations. we conduct one-on-one interviews with key sales and marketing management personnel to evaluate sales goals, markets, and performance.

03Acquisition & Development

Hotel investors have relied on HAI to provide guidance and recommendations from the preliminary deal review stage through acquisition. 

Our team assists your organization in acquisition, investments, and development requirements.
We provide valuable insights through an ownership lens and strategic vision to uncover investment upside and risks.
We then outline a strategy for maximizing value. With our intimate knowledge of brand operating systems and standards, we are able to work closely with you in recommending the optimal, brand affiliation that best matches your organizational goals, objectives, and operating philosophies.

04Feasibility & Market Studies

HAI has researched and produced many feasibility and marketing studies for institutional and private investors in South Florida, the Florida Keys, the Caribbean, Central and South America. Our studies allow investors to examine Extended-Stay hotel concepts, Mixed-Use developments, select Service-Branded operations, as well as independent, boutique resorts. Our expertise covers the range of hotel categories and brand-positioning strategies.

05Asset Management

HAI's hotel and hospitality experts offer you a systematic approach to managing your assets and identifying business-improvement opportunities.

Our expert, independent analysis and unparalleled local-market insight help achieve your investment objectives. Optimal operating performance, maximum asset value, minimal business risk, clarity in hold-and-exit strategy—these goals lie at the heart of our Asset Management services.
As a result of our broad range of expertise in operations, HAI can quickly assemble a management team to effectively run a hotel, resort, or condominium project. Our expertise covers the full spectrum of hotel categories and brand-positioning strategies. We advise, develop, and implement unique strategies necessary to position a client's hotel asset within Comp Set's leading position in ADR, OCC, and RevPAR. We constantly seek opportunities to think “outside the box” in all operating areas to gain a competitive advantage for your property.

06Brand Management

HAI has extensive knowledge of, and positive relationships with, every major hotel brand/operator, providing you with a distinct advantage in maximizing your property´s performance.

Our intimate knowledge of brand operating systems and standards helps us work closely with you, so that we can recommend the brand that best matches your organizational goals, objectives, and operating philosophies.

07Restaurant Operations

We are committed to your success. HAI will evaluate your Food & Beverage operation and recommend new and innovative Food & Beverage programs.

We produce detailed action plans and budgets that will enhance your operation and provide goals for your management team. HAI has years of experience implementing profit- improvement procedures as necessary for the success of your operation.