Eco Friendly and Wellness Resort

Pangola, Costa Rica
50 Upscale Rooms & Suites
2012 - 2017

Hired as hotel Asset Management Company to assist with developing and operating the resort.
HAI provided professional insights on the best possible hospitality application for the property to maximize revenues and create the highest possible ROI for owner and investors.

This included the following services: Asset management of project, Creation of business plan to present to financial providers and potential investors, Development of full competitive Analysis including assessment of key features and benefits. Creation of SWOT analysis. Creation of 10-year pro-forma capital and operating budget. Development marketing brochure to attract perspective investors or financial providers. Worked with owner and architects to design hotel including guest rooms, spa, and food and beverage facilities, introduction and recommendation of potential financial providers and investors. Provided insight into ordering of FFE and equipment on behalf of owners. Assisted in securing investment by financial provider or investors.