Boutique Resort with 67 Rooms & Suites

68500 Overseas Highway, Long Key, Florida, 33001 - USA

Lime Tree Bay Resort is a 3-1/2-star resort located in the middle of the Florida Keys. Our services include revenue management, sales & marketing, and operations. Since 2009 the hotel has achieved 90% occupancy with RevPAR growth between 5 to 25%. Despite the resort undergoing multiple additions, renovations, and ongoing projects, our client continues to benefit from a 5%-25% Annual RevPAR growth while it transformed from a 36-room motel to a 67-room resort. Additionally, during the Covid Pandemic the Lime Tree Bay Resort experienced revenue growth compared to 2019 by 55% primarily through driving ADR.

• 2011 - 2016: HAI developed and implemented a plan to modify the market mix of the hotel to drive more week-day business and drive higher ADR on weekends and higher demand dates. We drove weekday business by developing special promotions and programs with wholesale markets, destination clubs and OTA’s especially during off-season months. On the weekends, we limited availability to these markets and drove more direct business via phone calls and direct to website. These strategies increased revenues in high season by 20% and low season by 5%. In 2013 and 2016 Lime Tree Bay Resort added 9-room additions, while still maintaining above-90% occupancy and 5% RevPAR growth.

• 2017: Within 10 days after Hurricane Irma devastated the Florida Keys (September 9-11) Lime Tree Bay Resort was able to re-open, achieving the highest RevPAR to date for the typically slow months of September, October November. Our winning strategy entailed driving hurricane-related business to the hotel for a period of 4 months in 2017. Subsequently, leisure guests returned for the December 2017 holiday time period. Subsequently, leisure guests returned for the December 2017 holiday time period.

• 2020-2022: During the 2020 Pandemic HAI worked with owner and hotel management team to develop and implement Pandemic Protocols for safety. In addition, we implemented strategies and action plans which has improved revenues in Summer and Fall of 2020 and Winter 2021 compared to 2020 and 2019 results. Due to high demand and our actions Spring and Summer 2021 Limetree Bay Resort has exceeded budget by 55% and 2019 2020 REVPAR by 25%. Our strategic plan involved reclassifying room types and driving ADR especially from Thursday thru Sunday. Currently 2022 revenues have exceeded 2021 revenues by another 20%.

• Daily check of competition including, but not limited to, rooms, suites, and facilities.
• Conduct quarterly comprehensive rate review and SWOT analysis.
• Constantly Reposition hotel with all online travel agencies and on the Lime Tree Bay Resort website.
• Developed room, suite and facility-enhancement recommendations to strategically improve product.
• Create and recommended competitive-rate philosophy and strategy for all room types. This involved development and implementation of the rate strategy to improve RevPAR.
• Create rate strategies by season and day of week which increased revenues on weekends and RevPAR weekdays.
• Provide keyword analysis and recommendations to improve online exposure to upscale market.
• Assist in redesigning website with focus on improving customer bookings.
• Provide input into the development and configuration of the new room and suite products.
• After a thorough and comprehensive RFP process, we changed Over-Booking Engine and Channel Manager to improve distribution and efficiencies.
Consistently find new new sources of revenues to drive business into slower time periods.