2377 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach, Florida
Hotel w/ 350 Rooms & Suites

Retained by Hotel Management Company to setup and improve Revenue Management function.
We provided Revenue Management, Rooms Revenue Budgeting and CRM Selection and implementation.

Performed daily revenue management as interim Director of Revenue.
• Set up Pricing Strategies
• Implemented rates and maintained proper availability in all systems
• Daily Pick-up Report
• Forecasting:
1. Weekly 14 day
2. Monthly 90 Day
• Conducted weekly revenue management meeting
• Developed required reports including weekly booking pace charts
• Developed forecasting models
• Assisted in hiring of Director of Revenue
• Trained and transitioned to Director of Revenue
• Developed monthly owner’s meeting presentation template and attended owner’s meetings

Developed and Issued 2011 Rooms Revenue Budget
• Constructed detailed rooms revenue budget model
• Built each segment from bottom up, starting with expected monthly production from each account
• Prepared detailed budget overview document explaining budget assumptions
• Presented budget to management company

Selected & Implemented New CRM System
• Conducted vendor selection process
• Project management for system implementation