Mexico & Riviera Maya, Mexico
Condo Hotel Development w/ 300 Units (Mazatlan) and All-Inclusive Resort w/ 500 Rooms (Riviera Maya).
2010 – 2012

Retained for Market Study and Asset Management.
Asset Management including Operations Sales, Marketing and Revenue Management
• Included in the studies for both properties was the following information:
• PESTLE Analysis
• Country Tourism Impact
• Residential Analysis
• Hotel Market Performance
• Economic Indicators
• Competition And SWOT Analysis
• STR Report and Analysis
• Site Matrix Assessment
• Rev Par Growth Analysis
• Demographic Data
• Brand Analysis and Recommendations
• GDS/Internet/Reservation Analysis
• Market Segmentation Analysis
• Recommended Hotel Makeup and Standards
• Payback Analysis
• Balance Sheet/Cash Flow
• 10 Year PNL & Revenue Projections
• IRR Report and Analysis
• Riviera Maya Tourism trends
• Hotel Market segmentation
• Historical analysis of last the 3 years supply and demand
• Informational reports on hotel RevPAR, occupancies and ADR
• Demand indicators and Projections
• Statistics on RevPAR, Occupancy and ADR market conditions in all Riviera Maya area
• Created strength of the brand report in Riviera Maya and nationally and in key feeder cities