1 Ocean Drive

South Beach, Florida
Condo Hotel and Resort Startup
2008 - 2009

Retained to implement all aspects of Sales and Marketing required to launch a new brand, including development of a marketing plan, central distribution, pricing, marketing campaigns, and CRM functions.
Marketing, Connectivity, Distribution & Sales management
• Commenced integration of all Nikki Beach brands and included partners in the integration process.
• Researched and recommended enhancements for Nikki Beach brand marketing initiatives, such as brochures, e- sales material, internet marketing and advertising, public relations.
• Investigated and recommended GDS and internet connectivity options for all hotels and resorts schedule to open in 2008 and 2009.
• Directed the implementation of all external and internal distribution and communication channels and systems including internet, GDS, and PM systems.
• Worked with Nikki Beach technical department, revised and retooled the Nikki Beach website gearing it to attract travelers for the hotels and resorts.
• Established pricing structure and rate strategy, which implemented on all distribution channels including the booking engine (set-up of rates and database).
• Contracted with tour operators and online travel agencies
• Worked with strategic partner MJL Select in providing sales and marketing representation in North America, South America Caribbean and Europe to key luxury travel agents and customers.